Personal Viewers: Sony and Apple Eye Accelerating Growth

Now that personal viewers (head-mounted displays) have become competitive, sales of consumer personal viewers are accelerating each year, up from 50% in 2006 toward 100% growth in 2008.

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Fergason Licensing

McLaughlin Consulting Group (MCG), a team of experienced professions, provides a range of consulting services relating to electronic displays, advanced electro-optical technologies, materials science and nanotechnology.

McLaughlin Consulting Group offers market and product studies in select markets, assists start-ups in writing business plans and raising funds, conducts technology searches and business assessments for investors, and undertakes a wide range of support for deal-making and technology licensing.

Within displays, areas of focus include: projection and personal displays based on microdisplays, display opportunities in Internet appliances, and plastic substrate and reflective color displays.

Current licensing programs include System Synchronized Brightness Control (SSBC) and StereoMirror™ 3D desktop monitor intellectual property, both inventions of Dr. James L. Fergason.