Charles W. McLaughlin
E-mail: | Tel: 650.323.7155

Charles McLaughlinMr. McLaughlin is a principal at the McLaughlin Consulting Group (MCG) in Menlo Park, CA, specializing in the display industry. He numbers among his clients both Fortune 1000 corporations and start up companies. Drawing on his background as an entrepreneur and new product pioneer, Mr. McLaughlin focuses his personal attention on defining opportunities, developing market strategy, managing research programs, and mediating financing and partnering relationships.

Also associated with MCG are a team of experienced display professionals, specializing in display and optical technology, product engineering, process and equipment development, as well as marketing and sales. A team approach is used for many projects to insure that a client's expectations are met.

During the past year Mr. McLaughlin has completed more than ten client research projects, presented papers at SID and USDC conferences, and published several articles. In addition, he managed a team that completed an extensive research program for the USDC related to near eye display human factors. Projects completed range from a comprehensive assessment of markets to formulating product strategies, and include:

  • Development of niche market plans for domestic display makers
  • Research of markets and competition for start up companies in polymer semiconductors and flexible displays
  • Licensing agent for inventor of video enhancement technology for AMLCDs and projectors
  • Formulation of market and technical plans to introduce new products such as rear projection and flat panel monitors

Mr. McLaughlin also is co-sponsor of the annual Projection Summit Conference, held in conjunction with Infocomm. For more than five years he has also researched and published an annual forecast for the microdisplay industry. Both the conference and forecast are in partnership with Insight Media.

Clients include: Dupont Displays, NEC View Technology, Vizta 3D, Plastic Logic, Reflectivity, and Kodak. More than 20 microdisplay and projector companies annually purchase MCG’s forecasts and cost models.

Mr. McLaughlin founded Taliq Corporation in 1983 to commercialize products based on proprietary polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) technology. He led the company as CEO in pioneering both plastic reflective color displays, used in interactive control consoles, and Varilite architectural window shading products. Taliq successfully established joint ventures and partnerships in Japan and Europe to develop the markets for their unique products and built a portfolio of patents and proprietary technology.

Prior to Taliq, Mr. McLaughlin was the CEO of TASA Corporation, a venture capital backed start up company developing control panels using LED displays and capacitive touch sensing technology. His career at Raychem Corporation spanned nearly 15 years. After working in sales and marketing in his early years, he led a team that successfully commercialized several electrical interconnection products, becoming general manager of Raychem's Aerospace Division.

Mr. McLaughlin received a BS in Chemical Engineering from Drexel University and a SM in Industrial Management from MIT's Sloan School.


Type of Company
Personal Display Manufacturer
Optical Systems
Market and Technology Strategy
Technology Incubator
Optical Films
Business Plan for Subsidiary Companies
Display Manufacturer
Electroluminescent Displays
Market and Technology Strategy/Business Plan
Optical Film Manufacturer
Linear Polarizer
Market and Technology Strategy/Business Plan
Multinational Electronics Manufacturer
High Definition DIsplays
Strategies for the US Consumer Market
Electronic Component Manufacturer
Proprietary Projection Imaging Device
Market and Technology Strategy/Business Plan
Development Company for Optical Systems
Optical Doublers; Head Mounted Displays
Product Launch; Business Plan and Financing
Semiconductor Manufacturer
Active Matrix Backplanes for Iminiature Imaging Device
Strategic Review Partnering Opportunities
European Telecommunications
Electronic Displays for Handheld Systems
Performance and Price Comparision
Computer Peripheral
Rear Projection and Flat Panel Monitors
Product Development Plan and Partnering
European Materials Company
Evaluation of Business Strategy and Partnering
Multinational Electronics Company
FED Assessment Spacer Technology
Business Development Priorities
Display Components Manufacturer
CCFL Backlighting
Marketing, Partnering and Funding
Multinational Components Company
Anti-reflective Coatings
Business Development Strategies
Multinational Electronics Company
Opportunities in Large Screen Displays
Business Development Strategies
Desktop Projection Systems
Miniature Imaging Devices
Assessment of Technologies/Suppliers
Multinational Electronics Company
PM vs. AM LCD Performance and Costs
Procurement Strategy Options
Display Start Up
Tiled LCD Display
Business Plan and Financing
European Components Maker
Electro-Optic Components
Developed US Sales and Distribution Channel
European Investment Group
LCD Manufacturing Facility
Partnering and Investment Options
Domestic Display Manufacturer
Niche Market Development
Europmean Components Company
Integrated Control Consoles
Developed US Sales and Distribution Channel
Multinational Materials Company
PDLC and other LCD materials
Technology Development Strategies
European Optical Components Company
Projection Optical Components
Worldwide Market Potential
Multinational Materials Company
Business Development Strategies


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