Scott Holmberg

Mr. Holberg has the distinction of having committed his entire career to the critical technologies that have enabled flat panel displays. He was there at the beginning as a device and process engineer and program manager at Energy Conversion Devices where pioneering work was done to prove the efficacy of amorphous silicon transistors and devices. During the 80’s and 90’s, he embraced the vision of commercializing active matrix LCDs and became an entrepreneur and leader in a succession of flat panel start ups, culminating in his role as CEO of Image Quest, a venture funded by Hyundai that successfully launched AMLCDs for high reliability applications.

Mr. Holmberg brings a wealth of experience to his consulting practice. He is founded in reality and knows what it takes to commercialize exciting display and device physics. He knows the challenges of material, process, and equipment development and has been a key member of the community of individuals and companies that have made flat panels real. And he maintains his visionary and entrepreneurial spirit and has proven to be a valuable resource for a variety of new technology initiatives.