Stephen E. Marsland

Steve Marsland passed away

It is with great sorrow and sadness that I must inform you that Steve Marsland suffered a heart attack and died in 2008.  MCG will miss Steve’s intellect and quickness, but most of all we will miss his passionate and energetic approach to life.  We have lost a partner and a friend.  

In memoriam by Chuck McLaughlin
Funeral memoriam by Adam Marsland

Mr. Marsland is a senior partner at the McLaughlin Consulting Group (MCG) in Menlo Park, CA, specializing in high-tech industries. Mr. Marsland has done a variety of strategic custom consulting assignments for Fortune 500 clients as well as start-ups in areas of emerging display technologies. He also has authored reports for MCG on displays in home entertainment, personal viewers (head-mounted displays), and market opportunities in display components such as optical films. Mr. Marsland maintains MCG's proprietary Projector Cost Model which models costs and brightness for the full range of front and rear-projection systems.

Mr. Marsland also works as a strategist, deal-maker and expert negotiator/facilitator, focusing on helping investors, start-ups and their strategic partners forge and sustain win-win relationships. In particular, Mr. Marsland uses his extensive knowledge of Japanese culture and business practices to help Japanese and Western companies work together in productive partnerships.

Mr. Marsland has facilitated deals up to eight figures including both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies regarding:

  • Joint development agreements
  • Licensing agreements
  • Investments in start-ups
  • Sales representation agreements
  • Government contracts

While the details of such deals are confidential, clients have included Mitsubishi Corporation, Hitachi High Technologies Corporation, Nippon Sheet Glass, General Dynamics, Raytheon, Singer-Kearfott Corporation and Tyco (formerly Raychem Corporation). Steve has completed deals between Western companies, as well as between Western and Japanese companies. He has added significant value to deals by identifying key strategic partners and orchestrating effective strategies to add value.

Mr. Marsland is able to facilitate deals effectively because of his integrity, discretion, and adherence to assuring that deals work for both parties. This has earned him a reputation for extraordinary trustworthiness with his deal partners. By earning the trust of both negotiating parties Steve delivers a very high success rate for completed deals, preventing them from breaking down late in negotiations. Unlike many deal-makers, He also provides ongoing support for the partnership created by the deal, helping both companies work effectively together after the deal is signed.

Mr. Marsland speaks, reads and writes Japanese fluently. He is an interpreter capable of simultaneous translation. He has lived in Japan for two years and attended Japans prestigious Keio University. He was a Japan Society Fellow. He completed postgraduate studies in the Japanese language at Cornell University. Steve is a published author on Japanese management, including multiple Harvard Business School case studies.

Steve brings significant practical business experience to deal-making, having worked for 20 years in Fortune 500 companies. He has held positions in finance, sales, and operations, including serving as operations manager three times. He has twice been a division manager, once for the Tru Vue division of Apogee Enterprises, and once for the Interconnect Components Division of Tyco (formerly Raychem Corporation).

He received a BS in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University and an MBA in Finance, with honors, from Harvard Business School.